Центр аккредитации по качеству в здравоохранении

15 years of accreditation system in Kazakhstan


During the period from March 27 to March 31, 2023, the ACQH Accreditation Center organized a comprehensive training program for accreditation surveyors. The training aimed to familiarize future surveyors with the updated accreditation standards and equip them with the best assessment methods and techniques.

Practical classes, known as tracers, were conducted at the clinics of the UMC Corporate Foundation. During these sessions, trainees gained practical experience in tracer and survey methodologies and learned about the real-world implementation of accreditation standards. These classes were carried out in collaboration with the UMC Quality Management Department.

The UMC Corporate Foundation places significant emphasis on adhering to quality standards and ensuring the safety of medical care. They achieve this through the use of continuous quality improvement methodologies, promoting professional development opportunities for medical personnel in renowned medical institutions worldwide, and implementing a patient-oriented medical care system.

The process of selecting applicants for the training program involved two stages: testing and an interview with a commission that included a psychologist. The next stage for successful applicants will be an internship, which grants access to accreditation without the right to conduct assessments.

The curriculum of the ACQH Accreditation Center is accredited by The International Society for Quality in Health Care (ISQua), confirming that the training program meets international requirements and standards.

Additionally, the ACQH Accreditation Center underwent evaluation for compliance with the standards of institutional accreditation set by the Eurasian Center for Accreditation and Quality Assurance of Education and Healthcare (ECAQA). As a result, it was included in the register of the Bologna Process Center for Academic Mobility.

Furthermore, the Accreditation Center has received accreditation from the Ministry of Health of the Republic of Kazakhstan to provide training to employees of medical organizations within the Republic of Kazakhstan on accreditation matters.

Overall, the ACQH Accreditation Center’s comprehensive training program, international recognition, and multiple accreditations demonstrate its commitment to maintaining high-quality standards in healthcare and fostering continuous professional development among medical personnel.

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