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The role and functionality of an expert-physician in modern medicine

🌿 Open webinar: “The role and functionality of an expert physician in modern medicine” In the continuously evolving field of medical care, the role of the expert physician is becoming increasingly important and multifaceted. We invite you to understand all the nuances of this important profession at our free webinar. In the webinar we will […]

Maintaining documentation in medical organizations taking into account information security

In the era of digitalization and the rapid growth of information volumes, proper record keeping in medical organizations is of particular importance. We invite you to a free webinar where we will discuss all aspects of this important issue. 🌟 Free webinar: “Maintaining documentation in medical organizations taking into account information security” Together we will […]

Corporate governance in healthcare organizations

Open webinar: “Corporate governance in healthcare organizations” Together we will look at:– Modern approaches and methods of corporate governance in the healthcare sector;– The role and importance of corporate governance in increasing the efficiency of a medical organization;– Practical cases of successful corporate governance, helping to achieve high quality medical care. 📅 September 26, 2023 […]

Payment for medical services within governmental issurance system

🌟 We invite you to a free webinar: “Payment for medical services within governmental issurance system” We will try to reveal for you the relevance and significance of this topic by discussing the following points: – Procedure for payment of services of healthcare entities; – Types of tariffs for medical services within the framework of […]

Injection safety. Standard Precautions

💉Free webinar on the topic “Injection safety. Standard precautions” Join us for a dive into a critical topic that affects us all. Safe injection practices will keep patients, health care workers, and communities healthy. Together we will look at: – Elements of standard precautions. – Steps to ensure injection safety. – Prevention of needlestick injuries […]

Surgical safety

Dear friends! Surgical safety is one of the key components of safety in the provision of medical care. Research shows that there is often no single root cause for surgical errors. Rather, such events are the result of a cascade of small failures that can, in combination, lead to a violation of the stability of […]

Information security in healthcare

Dear friends! Already this Saturday! The Accreditation Center is holding a free webinar together with NIT JSC represented by the Director of the Information Security Department Amir Mendagalievich Akhmetov! The topic that Amir Mendagalievich will reveal is important not only for information security specialists in medical organizations, but also, first of all, for top managers! […]

Практическое внедрение и реализация стандартов аккредитации

Уважаемые друзья! Вот и подходит к концу пора отпусков и даже лета! И начинаются наши субботние вебинары по различным тематикам! И очередной вебинар, который пройдет 17 сентября (суббота) в 11 часов – “Практическое внедрение и реализация стандартов аккредитации”! Мы долгое время, вместе с вами изучали теорию по различным направлениям стандартов – пришло время просмотреть – […]

Вебинар на тему “Профессионализм медработников”

ВЕБИНАР НА ТЕМУ “ПРОФЕССИОНАЛИЗМ МЕДИЦИНСКИХ РАБОТНИКОВ” 13 августа 2022 года Центр аккредитации по качеству в здравоохранении провел бесплатный вебинар по теме профессионализма медицинских работников и методов его оценки для экспертов национальной аккредитации и сотрудников медицинских организаций. Кмн, ассоциированный профессор, руководитель кафедры семейной медицины ЗКМУ им. Марата Оспанова, эксперт национальной аккредитации Жамалиева Лаззат Манбетжановна выступила докладчиком […]