Центр аккредитации по качеству в здравоохранении

15 years of accreditation system in Kazakhstan


On August 28, 2023, the Accreditation Center held a briefing on the main aspects of the anti-corruption policy in the field of accreditation of medical organizations.

During the briefing, the participants were informed in detail about the corruption risks associated with the accreditation process in medical organizations, as well as what actions can be regarded as bribery in this context. Among these unacceptable actions, the following were highlighted:

  • acceptance of money in any form, gifts and other material values from officials and employees of medical organizations;
  • food at the expense of a medical organization;
  • travel to a medical organization at the expense of medical organization.


At the same time, we remind you that corruption manifested in the Association reduces economic growth, distorts competition, and undermines the trust of Medical Organizations, as it is associated with serious legal and reputational risks. And also, it is a serious barrier to the sustainable development of the Association. Corruption is a social evil that requires intervention and elimination.