Центр аккредитации по качеству в здравоохранении

15 years of accreditation system in Kazakhstan


The Accreditation Center held a meeting with representatives of the central apparatus of the Republic Party.

The main emphasis of the party’s election program is placed not only on the slogan “Be happy to be healthy!”, but also on specific steps:

1. Equal access to high-quality high-tech medicine;
2. Prevention and timely information;
3. Modern high-quality medical education – professional health workers;
4. Working conditions, social guarantees and legal regulation in healthcare;
5. Private medicine in Kazakhstan;
6. Insurance medicine;
7. Transparency and PPP;
8. Digitalization.

The Accreditation Center fully supports the direction of the party’s activities and is ready to provide professional support in the implementation of these issues. We are confident that our joint efforts can help improve the standards and accessibility of medical care for all residents of Kazakhstan.